COVID-19 Portal: Integrating Literature, Clinical Trials, and Knowledge Graphs

COVID-19 portal is about researchers, universities, and bio entities related to COVID-19 which is based on CORD19 database. In this portal, you will know who is working on which biological entities relate to COVID-19, and the institutional profile on research related to COVID-19 (researchers, papers, and biological entities). 


Based on research literature, clinical trials, PubMed knowledge graph, and the drug discovery knowledge graph, we created the COVID-19 portal to portray the research profiles of scientists, bio entities (e.g., gene, drug, disease), and institutions. It provides the following profiles related to COVID-19:


(1) the profile of a research scientist with his/her COVID-19 related publications and clinical trials, which can be ranked by year or by the number of tweets;


2) the profile of a bio entity which could be a gene, a drug, or a disease with articles and clinical trials mentioned this bio entity;

3) the profile of an institution with papers authored by researchers from this institution.

COVID-19 Portal Is Funded By NSF RAPID (2028717), Suit Endowment Fund And Mary R. Boyvey Dean’s Excellence Fund, And Is Hosted By The School Of Information At University Of Texas At Austin. 





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